Termites in brick houses

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Termites in brick houses

People in brick houses always have a sense of confidence that they cannot incur termite related losses. This is mere overconfidence since there is no place that termites won’t go. Whether you are in a wood or brick house, no one is safe from these harmful pests. The only way to defeat them is to arm yourself with effective ways to eliminate termites.

The disbelief on most people’s faces when they find termites in their brick houses is unbelievable. Many people cannot grasp how termites make their way through a brick. Termites cannot eat through concrete or bricks, not even the Formosan termites that people consider super termites.

Termite mandibles are not robust enough to cause any damage to blocks; they, however, are small and flexible enough to fit through the smallest cracks. In areas where the cement has broken down into small pieces, termites quickly make their way through, but as soon as they hit solid concrete, they cannot get through.

The mystery of how termites make their way into brick houses has disturbed many. To answer your questions, there are many areas that termites can squeeze through in brick houses. The cracks where the blocks come together, where the cement and the wall attach or even where the plumbing system enters the room.

Whether you have a brick house or not, there are many things inside the house that termites can devour. Baseboards, the attic, furniture, furring strips, to mention a few are all available in brick houses and termites love to eat through them.

If you own a brick home, it is prudent to assume the worst instead of dismissing the problem. Check on your house regularly to ensure there are no termites. Since there is no termite prevention method found, all you can do is address them when you spot them.

Using insecticides, sunlight, electrocution method, beneficial nematodes, boric acid, bug bombs and cardboard traps are all some of the most efficient ways to get rid of destructive termites. Also, inspect your house for cracks that could be potential gateways for bugs and termites.