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BPG Inspections is proud to provide the city of Cincinnati with Home Inspection services.
Our Cincinnati inspectors are fully licensed to perform Termite Inspections and Radon Testing. We are also fully insured for your protection and are InterNACHI certified perfect for your tailor made home inspections.

Cincinnati Number One Home Inspection

Home inspection Cincinnati

number one cincinnati home inspections The city of Cincinnati Oh is indeed a fascinating city that has a rich history and excellent record of the amazing things accomplished by the people in the city. It is home to many incredible minds who have impacted the world in one way or another. There are many inventors and great notable people here.
It began as the first largest inland city after the American Revolution and is now regaining its glory through business growth and investments.


The Amazing Inventors 

The list of inventors from this amazing city is huge, and some of the inventions include, snugli baby carrier, electric guitar, pringles, furniture, home theater system, baseball lighting system, electronic watch, the Pentium chip among much more. Most of the inventions are by students of the University of Cincinnati which is among the 50 major universities in the US.



Many influential politicians have risen from the city as well as military men, athletes, actors, scholars, authors, artists, scientists and business people.


Sport in the City

It is the home of two professional sports teams, Cincinnati Reds, and Cincinnati Bengals.



The architectural history of the city is very significant and notable that dates back to the 1800’s. Architecture set the city on a recognition path; many people even referred it as the Paris of America. Some of the striking design is the Music Hall, and Shillito department store. BPG Inspections is well equipped for any home inspection in Cincy.



Our home inspections here in Cincinnati can provide the following interNACHI certified inspections:


  • Pest Control
  • Mold Testing/Mold Inspections
  • Home security
  • Plumbing Inspections
  • Roof Inspections
  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Quality
  • Home Improvement Advice

Home Inspection Radon Testing

Home Inspection Cincinnati is licensed by the Ohio Department of Health, license #RT955, to perform radon testing. Radon is believed to be one of the leading killers in the country, and testing for it is simple and painless, and provides you with an opportunity to negotiate with a home seller to have it mitigated. In our experience, radon is extremely random, and every house should be tested.


Cincinnati Radon Testing

Cincinnati Radon Testing

Each home inspection we perform includes a thorough home inspection report sent to you and your real estate agent the same day! This will detail any possible defects like pest control, home security, termite inspections report, air conditioning, mold testing and more. All with the reassuring interNACHI certified home inspection certificate.

Since the earliest people to arrive here were Germans. After this the Irish, it shares in their great cultures. The food showcases the German heritage. The cultural and arts heritage depicted in this town consists of German and Irish origins.
Cincy is a city that has a great balance in all aspects. When it comes to businesses, the city continues to grow while still appreciating and promoting other areas. These areas include arts, sports, and cuisine.

Inventions continue to trickle. The best part of Cincy is that even if many cities surpassed it after railroads replaced steamboats and compromised trade, it is still a rising star.
This town boasts a very rich history. The future looks bright with the bright minds in Cincinnati working tirelessly to better the world and their city.

The warm, welcoming spirit of this region makes businesses flourish.

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