West Chester, Ohio Home Inspection

West Chester is among the thirteen towns of Butler County. It is the fastest growing city in Ohio. The growing rate of the population is very high. The governance of this town is by three trustees elected every November of an odd-numbered year for four-year terms.

BPG Inspections inspected this lovely West Chester, Ohio home in 2017

West Chester is the home of Bethany Relay Station that was a Voice of America facility. After the end of the services function, it was converted into a voice of America Metro Park. The most notable feature of the metro park is its walking trail that runs around a lake.

The city also has many different parks that each have unique features. The Keehner Park is one of the famous parks in the city that have many individual and family fun activities that people can engage. There are jump and jacks in the parks, skate town USA and entertainment events.

The Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati is also in West Chester. It is one of the largest mosques which gives the city of West Chester more recognition. There is a Square at Union Centre that is popular for hosting many events. The Union Centre Boulevard Bash that takes place in August is held at the square.

The Square at Union Centre also doubles as the town square. West Chester’s square has the most striking centerpiece which is a bell tower that was constructed by Verdin Bell Company. It projects the aesthetic value of the square and the town.

Over the years, the city of West Chester has produced generations of high-achieving brilliant minds and athletes. There are politicians from this city and martial arts fighters. These are all people who have dedicated their lives to serve and be the pride of their city and country.

Tourist attractions in Westchester are the parks, the many outdoor activities that they can engage in and fun challenges. The West Chester museum is also a great place that people can experience and get to understand West Chester from the past to becoming the great big city that it is today.