Vandalia, Ohio Home Inspection

Popularly known as the ‘Crossroads of America’, Vandalia is a great city in Ohio that has a great history. It gets the name from being situated on the National Road and the Dixie Highway. The city’s founder, Benjamin Wilhelm was a settler from Pennsylvania. After his arrival, he built an inn for travellers since many people passed there.

BPG Inspections inspected this home in 2015.

It is how the town began to grow as many travellers stopped by and entrepreneurs began to open up businesses in the area. The efforts of the people saw the rapid growth of the town which led to its incorporation as a city. The founder Benjamin named the city Vandalia after Vandalia Illinois where he was initially travelling.

Colonial and postmodern architecture are the main evident designs throughout Vandalia. It puts a very clear distinction between the older designs that add to the aesthetic value of the town and the modern designs that show the city as a developing city.

While many of the colonial buildings have undergone renovations, the city has not lost its rich colonial architectural feel. Most of the schools and the town halls possess the imperial designs. The architecture is however not the only thing Vandalia is known for having.

Many notable people have lived and others born in Vandalia. Quarterbacks, football players and of course Roger Clemens who won the Cy Young awards seven consecutive times. All these people are a source of inspiration for more Vandalia generations who are branching out to do even more.

Festivals and parades are an integral part of this town’s fantastic culture. There is the Oktoberfest that takes place in autumn, air show and parade, homecoming parade and firework shows to celebrate Vandalia. There is also a Taste of Vandalia culinary event that showcases the best of Vandalia’s rich cuisine.

Vandalia also ranks among the top recreation cities due to the amazing parks and facilities. There are over 30 parks in this town. Some are large and very widely known like Helke Park. Vandalia is also the home of the Tadmor which is a popular historical village.