Troy, Ohio Home Inspection

Troy hails from a catastrophic past where it was plagued by the great flood of 1913, but the recovery of this town speaks of the city’s resilience and the hard work of the people. It is a small city that celebrates their past and achievements through festivals and rallies that are annual events. The most notable event in Troy city is the strawberry festival that is held every first weekend of June, and many people take part.

BPG Inspections inspected this lovely home in Troy, Ohio in 2017

Many houses are listed as historic places in the national register that were erected in Troy by Hobart welded steel house company. The architectural design adopted did not gain popularity after the 2nd world war, but the houses built remain. Troy public square is another historical place that hosts most of the events organised in Troy.

Troy is a unique city that is credited as the city of ideas. The founder of Troy settled there and opened a tavern that did well and brought more people to this town. The tavern is one of the many historical places in Troy. The city gets its name from Greek literature which the founders loved.

Agriculture has always been an integral part of this city. Its proximity to the river saw to its agricultural growth. There is a county fair held in Troy to celebrate agriculture and the great contributions it made to the development of Troy and the larger Miami County.

The development council of Troy strives to ensure the continuity of Troy’s growth and development through making the city an attractive town for big international companies. Over the years, this strategy has been fruitful since there are several resident foreign businesses in Troy and the growth of the city is ensured.

While keeping their history alive, the people of Troy celebrate their achievements. It is such an attractive city with many recreational facilities that make the experience of this town more wholesome. Troy is the city in the US that has over 1000 acres of Park land. The many parks include Duke Park, Hobart Arena, Troy memorial stadium and even water parks that carry on the marvel of this city.