Tipp City, Ohio Home Inspection

Tipp City was first known as Tippecanoe. Tippecanoe began in 1840 and which was during the development of the Miami-Erie canal. This canal was of great significance to the growth of this town, and its downfall stunted the growth of Tippecanoe. This city was named after William Henry Harrison whose nickname was Tippecanoe.

This is a home we inspected in Tipp City, Ohio in 2014.

In 1938, the name of the town changed to Tipp City because there was another town called Tippecanoe in Ohio. After the completion of the canal, Tipp City was an attractive stop point for the boats traveling along that route. The passing travelers led to the emergence of bars, restaurants, and lodges that in turn led to the rapid growth of the city.

When the railroad began to emerge, the canal began to lose its effect and Tipp City suffered since their primary source of income was curtailed. The rail replaced the canal, and the growth of this city became challenged at that time.

The people’s resilience and passion for their town saw them find some other avenue to grow their city. Tipp City today engages in manufacturing, many businesses, and restaurants. There are still travelers and visitors who visit Tipp City, the restaurants cater to them and introduce people to the rich cuisine of Tipp City.

Culturally, Tipp City celebrates many school-based functions that bring people together. The mum festival is a very popular celebration in Tipp during the fourth week of September each year. It is the largest event and even has people from other parts of the nation coming to take part in the event.

May is also a festive time in this town as the canal day’s parade are held, and then there are the football games and Independence Day fireworks. There are parks and recreations that people can organize events and competitions.

The parks and nature centers in Tipp City include activities like batting cages, nature trails, a boat ramp on the Miami River and many sports courts. The Tipp City bike path that is under construction is another great addition to the culture of this town.