Springfield, Ohio Home Inspection

The rich history of Springfield set a platform for its future and saw to the recognition of this city in Ohio. It is laden with so many great things and people who have accomplished notable things over the years. Newsweek, a reputable newspaper in 1983 featured this town. The five leading families who had the biggest impact on Springfield over half a century featured in an issue they called ‘the American dream’.

There have been many descriptive words used to describe this city over the years, each unique and focusing on a particular aspect of the town. It was the “all-American city” in 2004. In 2010, the city was among the worst ranking in national wellbeing. It has also been the unhappiest city in America, 2011 and the least healthy in 2015.

Despite the constant fluctuations in the city’s state and the way other people view it, there are many striking characteristics of Springfield that make it an amazing city. William Whitely from Springfield invented the field mower and after a short while also invented a self-raking reaper that combined with the mower.

The Marx Brothers career began in Springfield. It is also the city where Anne Oakley gave her first performance. Agriculture thrives here since the 4H movement by A.B Graham started here. The most interesting and unique fact about Springfield is that a black bear guarded the first jail.

There are many other things for which Springfield takes credit. Burton Westcott, a local who built a car remains a well-known name due to the house he built, designed by Frank Lloyd. There were ten automobiles produced in Springfield, two beers, the red and blue head beers have their origin in this town.

In 1919 Springfield produced more roses than any other city in the world which earned it the name ‘city of roses.’ Through the rich past achievements that Springfield residents displayed, future generations have followed suit, and many impressive and impactful people come from Springfield. It is the home of many actors, athletes, musicians, major league baseball players, politicians, inventors, judges, authors and scholars.