Sidney, Ohio Home Inspection

Sidney is a great city in Ohio that is the headquarters of many large corporations and has branches of so many others. The welcoming spirit of Sidney coupled with the growth and development rates make it a very suitable city for investors and business people to base their companies.

The city was named after Philip Sidney, a famous poet. The history of this town is extensive and gorgeous. The architectural designs witnessed date back to the 1800s and adopt styles such as the Gothic revival. The second empire courthouse is a great example.

There are many notable architectural successes in Sidney including the national historic landmark, People’s Federal Savings and Loan Association that is the smallest house in Sidney. The big four bridge is another interesting point in Sidney. Graceland Cemetery in Sidney features great designs that are very expressive. The monuments depict angels and different statues.

Besides being a business city that has large corporations and great architecture that gives the city an enviable heritage, Sidney is also a great destination for tourists. The city has many parks and recreation facilities. These are all public use facilities.

There are 14 parks in Sidney neighborhoods that feature different activities. Sidney also boasts of a sports complex, swimming pool, picnic area, nature trail and the famous Tawawa Park that is ideal for family events and has exhibitions that run throughout the year.

Many of the companies in Sidney engage in manufacturing of automotive, especially in Shelby. Honda of America is the greatest source of employment in Shelby. Those who do not participate in the construction industry put their skills into agricultural activities.

Despite many of the people in Sidney engaging in the manufacture of automobiles of agriculture, there are those who have gone beyond the boundaries. Sidney is home to major league players, philosophers, chemists, and actors.

Some of the fun activities that people in Sidney engage in are a zip line, the drive-in movie theater that operates May to September. There is also the Auto Vue. Sidney is an economically, culturally and architecturally outstanding city.