Norwood, Ohio Home Inspection

Gem of the Highlands is the famous nickname given to Norwood city. Norwood has a solid history that is characterized by industrial achievements and architecture. The 19th century was a busy time for Norwood since that was the time when the Norwood brick plant came into existence.

BPG Inspections inspected this historic Norwood, Ohio home in 2016

A fusion of different cultures is what Norwood has experienced over time. The earliest settlers were the Adena who actively made mounds that are still evident in the city. The contributions of the Adena have been listed as historic places. The mound is found in Norwood’s water tower Park.

The people in this city mainly engaged in manufacturing and industrial works. It began with the production of clay bricks which are evident in many buildings in Norwood and Cincinnati’s historic buildings. These clay stones played a significant role in the development of Norwood into a recognized city in Ohio.

When the railroads began coming up, Norwood was opened up and grew very rapidly since people could now commute. The business mindedness of the citizens of Norwood has seen to the continued growth of the city and the emergence of more companies in the area.

The location of this city makes it very accessible via different means which makes it attractive for corporations. Many large companies like GM motors has had ties with the town, and through that experience, Norwood realized its true potential and focused on businesses.

Norwood also has amazing aspects to it that show the lighter side of it. Parks and recreations all over the city that help people unwind after work and also hold different events. Companies can conduct team building activities in these parks.

Some of the most famous parks in Norwood include Fenwick Park, Victory Park, Lindner Park nature walk, Dorl Park and Burwood Park. These are all accessible to public parks that provide peaceful environments and explosive fun activities.

Norwood is also home of notable personalities and minds who have made great milestones in science, philosophy, entertainment, politics and the prevailing practice in the area, business. With an all rounded community, Norwood’s future seems bright as everyone works hard to lay a strong foundation.