Miamisburg, Ohio Home Inspection

Miamisburg is a town that was mostly industrial. It took part in many World War II production of equipment used. There was also the local businesses that developed early. It is a town that has a business mindset that has catapulted the city to growth and recognition of its industrial capabilities.

BPG Inspections inspected this beautiful home in Miamisburg, Ohio in 2016

The other very notable feature of Miamisburg is the Miamisburg mound. It was an Indian burial mound that they called Tumulus. The Adena built this mound, and it is a very recognized landmark in Miamisburg, due to its size and historical nature.

The mound has made Miamisburg a great tourist destination as people come to picnic at the mound. The large size also allows for people to climb to the top of the mound making their experience more wholesome. For people to climb with ease, the mound has steps on the side.

The architecture of Miamisburg stands out. There are notable Victorian style buildings that date back to the 19th century. Different parts of Miamisburg have different designs. Some other models include Queen Anne, second Empire and Italianate.

Since Miamisburg is a suburb, there are many residential houses, most of which have been built in the 2oth and 21st century adopting newer styles. The blend of the 19th century and 20th-century architecture makes Miamisburg an attractive town.

Miamisburg takes a keen interest in the preservation of the city’s beauty. It led to the creation of a beautification commission that selects and awards the residential and commercial properties with the best maintenance. The certificate is given in July, August and September every year.

Besides beauty and preservation, Miamisburg also believes in togetherness which is the main aim of the community events held in the city. Some of the most prominent events are spring festival, Miamisburg starving artists, thunder bug motorcycle show, Christmas starving artists and the Thanksgiving Day Miamisburg turkey trot.

The prosperity and continuity of Miamisburg can be credited to the town’s ability to pursue many avenues of growth successfully. It is a business-minded city that also serves as a tourist destination and has many historical places.