Mason, Ohio Home Inspection

Mason’s history can be traced to times when it was just a small community of farmers. William Mason, the founder of this town, played a huge role in the growth of Mason. The town was first named Palmyra which was then changed to Mason after a petition for the name was filed.

BPG Inspections inspected this beautiful Mason, Ohio home back in 2014.

It is home to Lindner family tennis center which is one of the biggest and most popular tennis stadiums in the world. The world’s top tennis tournaments have been held at this stadium. It is also home to Kings Island amusement park which is a favorite park that caters to many people in this town.

For over 125 years, Mason was a farming town that did not have very many residents, but the evolution and growth of the city economically attracted more people and more activities. The population has significantly grown, and so have the businesses and attraction sites.

For people visiting Mason, they get to experience the amazing city parks that give an option of myriads of activities. Seven parks have lakes for fishing, tennis courts, hiking trails, playgrounds for children and shelters where families can hold picnics.

Mason City also has a Mason community center that is the largest recreation facility in the state that’s for public use. It has gymnasiums, pools, a climbing wall, a center for senior people and the center continues to grow and expand to include more activities.

The people widely celebrate the culture of Mason, and they also pay homage to the veterans in the city. The Mason veterans’ memorial is their way of showing their celebration of those who served the country. The history of America has ten main conflicts which are depicted in the ten pillars erected at the veterans’ memorial. Each post’s height signifies the number of lives lost during each of the conflicts. There is also an eternal flame at the memorial.

The economy of Mason is sustained by the thousands of businesses operating in this city. It is also a great tourist attraction due to the parks and resorts in the area. Many high-tech companies find Mason a very conducive city for their headquarters.