Eaton Ohio Home Inspection

Eaton was established in 1846 after which it grew rapidly. The first residents of this city were only 1000, but after it had begun, it developed significantly due to its strategic location. It was at the junction of turnpikes. Through this proximity, a lot of changes were witnessed in the new town. The town got its name from General William Eaton who was a consul at Tunis. The heroes of the Barbary War were honored through the naming of many Eaton streets after them.

We inspected this Eaton, Ohio home in 2015

Eaton’s history is one that speaks of darker times when the city was faced with an outbreak of cholera. Out of the 1000 residents, 120 died and over half the population fled from the town. After the town had put this epidemic behind, a fire plague fell upon them and destroyed many businesses that the city depended on for income.

Both the outbreak and the fire devastated the growth and development of the town. Since many people had left, the population was very scarce. Their resilience, however, pushed them to rebuild their city and reclaim its lost glory.

The city boasts an excellent rich heritage today; there is a lot to do and experience in Eaton. It is an amazing city that has remarkable museums and parks. These serve as tourist attraction sites and learning places for students in Eaton.

People visiting Eaton can go to the recreational facilities that offer different sporting activities and family fun events. The most notable events held in Eaton include the Preble pork festival that takes place every third week of September, the whole week, and the Preble County Fair.

Eaton prides itself in its people that have gained national and world recognition. Athletes who have taken part in major league games, authors and even politicians. These people fly the pride of Eaton town high with their remarkable works.

Eaton continues to grow in population and economically through engaging in different business activities. It has welcomed foreign companies to invest in the prosperous town of Eaton and grow together with the city and the people living there.