Carlisle, Ohio

When east coast settlers arrived in the area, they began a small community, the Jersey settlement. As the town grew and more people came, the Tapscott church was founded by Baptists who arrived in the area. The town was still very young and expanding in its earliest stages.

In 1848, Carlisle was born from the extension of the railroad. The railroad opened the area to developers, travelers and businesspeople. The village then got its name from George Carlisle who bought the area and platted it. He was popularly known as the railroad man.

Carlisle, Ohio Home Inspection

We inspected this Carlisle home in March, 2014.

The city’s population began to rise during this time, and when more areas began to get rail connection, the population drastically dropped. After gaining recognition as a city, Carlisle was dropped back to a village due to the population loss.

Carlisle is home to many notable historical areas one of which is a landmark. The double UFO house in the area is a widely recognized attraction in the town. It is a house, constructed in the shape of flying saucers and it is silver colored. The house is a connected by a metal duct.

Carlisle, Ohio Home Inspection

We inspected this Carlisle home in 2016.

There are many things for visitors and residents of Carlisle to engage in anytime. There is the very incredible outdoor museum that stretches 65 acres. There are over 20 exhibit buildings in the carillon historical park that are near Carlisle.

The Cox Arboretum and Gardens is also a great place to visit in the area. For family filled fun activities, the Caesar Creek state park that features nature trails, campsites and lakes is an incredible stop. The city neighbors other cities that have museums and parks that visitors can experience. The splash moraine water park is one of the areas that tourists must visit while in Carlisle.

The city also boasts of excellent education and strives to provide for the educational needs of the population adequately. As the city grows and develops, the populations keep growing, and the city is trying to keep up with the growth to ensure that all residents are well catered for. The town of Carlisle welcomes all to experience the excellent quality of life in the area.