Blue Ash, Ohio

The earliest settlers of this area arrived in 1791 and from the blue ash logs, they built a carpenter’s Run Baptist Church. It is also how the city got its name in 1797. The city has seen a lot of growth over the centuries, each marked with different and meaningful experiences.

Blue Ash Ohio Home Inspection

During the 19th century, there was a railroad connecting the city to Cincinnati and Lebanon which was one of the first ways that blue ash was opened up to the rest of the towns and paved the way for development. The Cincinnati-blue Ash airport that was operational from 1921 became the first municipal airport in Ohio after it was sold to Cincinnati. The airport later closed in 2012 where it was sold to blue ash and is now a famous summit park.

The city of blue ash has many festivals and annual events that bring people together and celebrate the heritage of the town. The most popular events include the Red, white and blue ash. It is an Independence Day celebration that features, song, dance and fireworks. The other notable event is the taste of blue ash which is also an annual summer event.

These incidents in the city are internationally recognized where performing artists attend and perform at the events. There have been visits from the Yes band and Peter Frampton. There is also a yearly concert series. The city has a collaboration with Montgomery city and has put together a blue ash Montgomery symphony orchestra that performs at local events. Summers in the city of blue ash are filled with celebrations.

Blue ashes economy is growing through lucrative businesses. Many companies have attracted many people to the town. The city also has incredible industrial and commercial parks that provide headquarters for many corporations. Many notable companies like engineering and manufacturers are based in blue ash.

Blue Ash is also home to many famous people whose contributions to the world and expression of their skills have impacted the city and the world as a whole. There are judges, actors, doctors and engineers from blue ash.