Bellefontaine, Ohio Home Inspection

A city that is as beautiful as its name. The name Bellefontaine means Beautiful Spring. It is derived from French and suits the town perfectly because there are several springs in the area. There are many activities taking place in this city, and though it is small, that does not keep it from flourishing and standing out as an amazing town.

The city began in the 1820’s by early European Americans. The growth of Bellefontaine began to skyrocket when the mad river and Lake Erie Railroad built the first railroad to the town. The city gained recognition far and wide from this new feature and before other cities caught on to the railway, Bellefontaine had a solid foundation already.

Bellefontaine has been a city of many firsts. The first concrete street in the US was also in this town. Besides having a railroad, the town also boasted of the first concrete road by George Bartholomew. He used Portland cement which was of stone construction.

As time changed and new ways of paving paths was introduced, asphalt began being used for roads. In Bellefontaine however, the court Avenue still retains the first concrete pavement. It is a historical mark for the city since it has been there for more than a century.

Boasting and celebrating its rich history, the city of Bellefontaine incorporates their past and present to bring a beautiful experience to visitors. There are many excellent places to experience that show the history of the town and how it came to get its recognition, some of the most notable and shaping events for the city.

The city’s aim is to keep growing and moving forward without forgetting how far they have come and the experience that formed the city. Through the construction of the first concrete pavement, Honda began automobile manufacturing in a nearby town and later expanded to Bellefontaine which was a great advantage for the city’s economic growth.

Bellefontaine is the home of the McKinley street, that is considered the shortest road, the Holland Theatre which is a known historical place, and Campbell hill that is the highest elevated area in Ohio.