Bellbrook, Ohio Home Inspection

Bellbrook began as a village that grew its way into a city. The growth of this village was by the annexation of territory. When the town was first annexed, the population increased significantly and thus began the growth of the city.

The area was not very developed, and there was a lot of land in the city in early 1974. It led to the building of over 1000 housing units in the area. Once the building began, the city’s growth picked up and today, there is little land left since most of it is built.

As the development continues, it is clear that the future of this town will have the 20th and 21st-century architecture to celebrate since there is little space left for any future building. Sugarcreek is the area that development is now at a high in the city.

BPG Inspections inspected this Bellbrook, Ohio home in 2017

We also inspected this home in Bellbrook in 2016.

The other major point of the city’s development was the pork business. The city was actively involved in this business since the slaughter houses were near the city after which the pork was transported to Cincinnati. The earliest tavern in the city also brought companies and travelers to the region since it was known as the entertainment hub.

The city got its name from one of the founders Stephen Bell. When a post office named Bellbrook was established, the name of the town also changed in 1895. Besides the city’s founders, there have been many notable people who come from this city. Their achievements have given the city recognition and pride.

Andrew Byrd from Bellbrook discovered the fountain of youth in the town while digging he found water that had been magnetized and had medicinal qualities which led him to open a sanatorium to treat diseases. Jesse Sanders is another outstanding individual from the town who designed the first wheat reaper.

When it comes to culture and arts, Bellbrook celebrates their heritage. It has been known as little sugar creek in the past, and there is a sugar maple festival held in the city every April. Every August in Bellbrook is time to celebrate the Lions Club festival.