Batavia, Ohio Home Inspection

The welcoming nature of Batavia makes it stand out. It has so much to offer its residents and visitors. The history of Batavia dates back centuries and those formative years led to the birth of the present-day town. Filled with history and prosperity.

Batavia’s growth is as a result of the early industrialization that took root and kept on growing. It has been a very industrial town over the years, having many companies that operated from the area for many decades. Some of the oldest companies include Ford Motor company’s Batavia transmission.

BPG Inspections inspected this home in Batavia in 2015.

Batavia has also been instrumental in the manufacture of roller coasters over the years. The original manufacturer being Clermont steel fabricators. Through innovation, business-mindedness and determination, the people of Batavia have put in efforts to grow their community’s wellbeing socially and economically.

Visitors are welcomed and embraced to Batavia with many activities that they can engage in. There are many attractions and parks, most of which are historical. Batavia is a family friendly fun filled town. Underground railroads are another popular attraction in Batavia that people can visit.

The rich history of Batavia city is preserved in the various museums that they have. There are many war artefacts in the Warbird Museum. These objects serve as memories of those who gave their lives for their country. There are other interesting museums in the city and near the city that people can visit.

Parks and recreational facilities is another area that Batavia is well equipped. There is the Batavia Township community centre and park. It has many hiking trails, sports courts, fishing pond and many more activities to engage in.

Batavia is also home to one of the largest parks that have over 80 miles of hiking trails. East Fork state park is, a must visit park in the town while other areas that you can visit are little Miami scenic trail for picnics and the Kelly nature preserve to appreciate nature.

With the many attractions pulling people to Batavia and the success of businesses in the city, the growth of this town is guaranteed.